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ум - Mia Mia

#33 in 2008

❶I will always remember good times with this song.

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#31 in 2008
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Update your browser to the latest available version to use the Slacker Radio web site: Need to sign up? Enter letters below security code. How can we make your Slacker Radio experience better? News updates on Slacker Radio. Manage News Not now. Other songs by M. Some User Pass DJ. Austin has a bar named 'Brixton' with guns inlaid in the bar. These are places i know, may mot be popular in other places.

Why would they censor the gunshots? Isn't this in America? I always assumed guns were okay and even encouraged over there..? The United States has a very bizarre relationship with violence and sex. We hate it and love it. We're over saturated, and protected from it. The censorship laws in this country are such bullshit. I think if I wanna say bitch or shit or something over the radio, I should be able to.

If I wanna show my ass on TV, I should be able to. There's no point in protecting people from it. You encounter bad language in your everyday life and seeing something like a butt or breasts shouldn't be super taboo.

It's natural, we all have em. I'll never forget the day I first met my aunt and her 14 year daughter. We were sitting in my parents living room while a nature documentary played on the TV in the background. My aunt noticed that a zebra was being chased by a lion and she swiftly got up and turned off the TV syaing that her daughter didn't need to see that. Her daughter is 18 now and I can't even imagine how overwhelming her life must be.

Shelter kids as completely as possible for as long as possible, then when the come of age, let them indulge as recklessly as they want. That was really fucking painful to watch. Jesus, just oh god she didn't deserve that. She's so much better than that performance suggests. Did you ever see her performance on Conan back in ? It was so weird that I went out of my way to find a studio recording to hear how it was "meant" to sound.

I get the feeling that she doesn't bother doing a proper sound check before these late-night performances. Honestly I just watched several videos of her live performances over the years and they really are fucking horrible. She's a great artist but do not go see her live show under any circumstances.

Totally agreed, seen her live two years ago and the sound check was horrible. Very disappointed in that gig but I liked the fact I was supporting her on the rails and got to hold her hands for a solid two minutes of one of her songs. The best sound is by the sound desk, for obvious reasons. Front row is almost always shit because you won't be in a position to hear the PA properly.

You'll just hear any onstage monitoring, which is for the benefit of the performers and might be only a subset of everything that's going on. No it was so bad all over the place that it was trending on Twitter locally, I thought it was only front row thing till a friend told me about it later and showed me some tweets from the event. I was so upset when they used it in previews but it wasn't actually in the movie.

I thought it fit perfectly. Damn, I remember seeing the train thing on TV as a kid. Never watched Slumdog Millionaire, though, so didn't know that was where it was from. You should watch Slumdog Millionaire.

I watched it recently after not watching it for a couple of years and boy did I forget how great that movie was. Definitely recommend to watch soon. It is a good movie, I just am not so sure about the "upbeat" part. I watched it 2 weeks ago.

Yeah, I don't know what's really upbeat about chloroforming a little kid and blinding him with a spoon so that he make more money begging. I always get excited when this comes on the radio! And this song still makes me think of Pineapple Express. Ah the late 's. Great time for comedy movies. Pineapple express, tropic thunder, role models, I love you man, forgetting sarah marshall, due date, superbad, step brothers, semi-pro, blades of glory, the hangover, etc.

Those were the days. Walk Hard is the greatest American comedy ever made, I sincerely believe that. In 50 years it'll still be an amazing commentary on pop music. It's a time capsule in addition to the flat out funniest movie ever. They said 'we'll give you two hundred dollars'.

I said 'no you wont, you're gonna give me that giraffe over there'. And the one that sort of spurred the trend - napoleon dynamite. My brother named his dog Tina because of that movie. Yeah old school was definitely the start of the frat pack. True, Freaks and geeks did have Franco too. Freaks and geeks was like the first big gig for a garage band. They came out the same year and both are pretty much cult classics, so probably both helped. I like Anchorman more though. I change my mind, the movies I feel like shaped the s comedies were Zoolander and Super troopers.

Though they aren't really all that related that movie paved the way for some of my favorite comedy movies of all time such as 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Superbad, Pineapple Express etc. And yes, to be fair, the Apatow and Rogen camp originated years earlier on Freaks and Geeks but you didn't see them much in movies until after Anchorman. I think it ruined me for movies now.

Nothing that's come out in the past years has been nearly as funny as those movies and I find myself just watching them over again when I want to see a good comedy. Don't know why but the song always fit the game better than pineapple express to me. Far cry 3 had that bass heavy track when you had to burn the coca plants. Fuck, I forgot who it was by and the name of the song. Part of it was in the intro. Here's a quick link.

After hearing this in the game where you burn the marijuana field, and then hearing this remix i lost my mind. All I ever see when people talk about that game is it being generic and boring, yet all I ever remember is a lot of really good moments. Maybe I put a microscope to the hate but I remember being on Reddit when that game was popular and more specifically, it seemed popular to hate on. I know for sure that people hated the story being another "white man goes to foreign place and assimilates into a total badass to save the natives" trope.

I went to Cuba on vacation in , and brought an ipod with about songs on it, with portable speakers. This song came up about once every seven songs somehow, and became the anthem for the vacation. I will always remember good times with this song. There was a reddit thread which said to do this thing purposefully listen to new song repeatedly when visiting a new place so that later on when you listen to that song you will remember the place associated with it.

This is great until you hear a song at work that takes you back to a time when you were broken. Personally I think her Bad Girls is one of the best god damn music videos I've seen. That video is done by Romain Gavras. Check out his other videos, Stress by Justice is my favorite! YouTube playlist of his videos. My favorite of his is "Gosh" by Jamie xx. Stress is what introduced me to him, but godness, "Gosh" is almost a caricature of his style in a good way.

Cannot believe I had to scroll down so far to find this, I love paper planes but IMO borders and bad girls are some of her best work. Best music video I've seen is one of her as well. All my verses picture perfect Always meant to serve a purpose You ain't living what you kickin Then you worthless. How many people can get on a track Kanye, Jay, and prime Weezy and absolutely murder them all?

TI is great in general, but his verse on Swagger Like Us is just on a whole other fucking level. I love it as a line in the song It feels like it cheapens it. Those were my favorite rappers at that time and I went fucking crazy the first time I heard Swagga Like Us. Of course we now know who actually prospered from it. He's described that as the worst period in his life, and isn't shy about saying um He also smashed up her hotel room and personal belongings when she got signed to Interscope, so maybe they both weren't exactly blameless.

Diplo is sorta known for being a douchebag. That's kind of funny because I remember reading a MiA interview and she stopped it to make sure that the person giving the interview that diplo deserved credit for making the music. I also saw her say the opposite about Piracy Funds Terrorism , how it was pretty much all her and yet Diplo was credited as a co-artist. I'm in my 40s, I miss looking back on only being 10 years out of school!

Sometimes when i see people say "Wow 10 years ago! I was just starting high school with the whole world in front of me! Her dad was an integral part of the Tamil Tigers and she spent her early years helping make fake passports.

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